Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My daughter, now in grade two, is running for student council. This is very exciting given that I work in public affairs and, naturally, I've emotionally skipped ahead a few elections.

I decided going to Carolyn Bennett's corn roast last night would be a great opportunity for her to learn about the different levels of government, local community building, speeches and how to connect with your local constituent.

We met Carolyn Bennett MP, Eric Hoskins MPP, Councillor Joe Mihevc and school trustee Josh Matlow - the full spectrum of where she can take this passion should it last past grade three.

She prepared a question for Carolyn Bennett before we went: Do you come up with your ideas by yourself, with your community, or both?

Carolyn's answer was perfect. "Both. But you should test your ideas first on your community. If they don't like them they are probably not very good."

(Eric Hoskins also gave a valiant answer to this question with tremendous patience for which I am a little embarrassed about, because my daughter was more interested in her corn than listening to the answer of our newest MPP!)

President Obama on David Letterman

A perfect answer to a touchy question delivered with relaxed body language and humour. Brilliant.