Sunday, February 18, 2007

Counter-intuitive statements are a great way to make a release stand out. Last year we launched the ‘Cut a Tree Campaign: The New Tree Hugger is a Tree Cutter’ for an Ontario seedling company. The idea was to illustrate the environmental benefits to cutting and replanting trees.

This week we had the pleasure of launching another such campaign. A little bit of Internet researched provided the fodder for a great Chinese New Year idea for Manchu WOK, a leading Chinese fast food chain.

Here is a portion of the release:

– Manchu WOK Expert Provides Etiquette Tips in Time for Chinese New Year –

Are you loyal, honest, trustworthy, and courteous to others? Then according to Chinese culture, you must be a pig! 2007 celebrates the year of the Pig and promises to be a prosperous one to those born under the sign.

February 18th, 2007 marks Chinese New Year and the year of the civil swine. Like any of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, people born in that animal’s year portray some of their personality. The Pig, ironically, demonstrates excellent manners and tremendous fortitude and honesty.

But for those of us not born under the well-mannered mammal, here are some tips for Chinese etiquette during the holiday from an expert at Manchu WOK…..

Kung Hei Fat Choy! May this year be as creative as the last.

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