Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trade Shows: An example worth mentioning

Clients often ask whether trade shows are a good idea. The answer is, it depends. Trade shows can be very expensive and and not guaranteed to bring in business. Like all marketing strategies you have to see if it makes sense for you and whether this is the best way to reach your target audience.

If you are going to do it, however, copy the best examples. A few weeks ago I came back from a long-term care trade show in Orlando. PointClickCare is now my example of how to do it right.

- A simple booth, but with four interactive demos - visitors don't imagine the product, they see simulated versions that take out the guess work;

- An abundance of neatly dressed staff who know their products inside out;

- No chairs, other than a few for visitors, to keep staff busy and looking alive;

- No clutter, no food, no loitering by other members of the team who don't need to be in the booth; and

- Candy!

But don't take them too seriously.....This is a photo taken by PointClickCare CEO Mike Wessigner of Heath Odem, VP Business Development (known fondly as the 'Booth Nazi'). Heath is wrestling with CTO Dave Wessigner in their hotel at 2:30am after a hard day on the trade show floor and a harder night on the town. At least it appears they are ironing their clothes for the next day!

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