Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Marketing lessons from the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics:

Controlling the message: There is a fine line between issuing proper conduct protocols and censoring behaviour/content. When you censor, media will find another way to get the story out and it is likely to be less favourable than had you allowed them to cover the story in the first place. The best way to control a message is to be the one delivering it. Don’t run away from the game. It will go on without you!

People power: Use your strongest resource strategically. People round out ideas when they work in groups, are the source for good stories, have the emotions we want to target, and are the best word of mouth PR.

Stretch you limit: Average creativity, like average strength, is not enough. Demand excellence of yourself and your team.

Think about whom else will benefit from your success and have them contribute both economically and creatively. Olympic sponsors had a roster of commercials that were absolutely medal worthy!

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