Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ron Clark Academy Can Teach Marketing Professionals a Good Lesson

Congratulations Ron Clark Academy whose YouTube video, You Can Vote However U Like, spread like wildfire and resulted in interviews on CNN, ABC, and a host of other media outlets. Its students will now also be performing their new song, "Dear Obama," at President Elect Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 20.

Marketing guru Seth Godin would be proud – Ron Clarke’s method of teaching and engaging students is a true Purple Cow.

The school runs mostly on donations and all the publicity is working. Oprah Winfrey committed $365,000 just prior to Christmas, a thousand dollars for each day of the year.

The school isn’t shy to ask for donation either. “Donate Now’ click buttons are on many areas of their website, but so are student test scores,
the school’s success training other teachers and their commitment to the community. When asking for dollars from governments, corporations or the general public content marketing with value well communicated is the secret to success.

Perhaps Ron Clark Academy will also start to teach PR – they’re absolutely qualified.

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