Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Interview tips for the former journalist, now political party leader, Michael Ignatieff while there is still time for improvement

Some unsolicited advice for the soon-to-be-confirmed Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff after listening to his radio interview on CBC’s The Sunday Edition this past week…

1)EVERY MEDIA OPPORTUNITY IS A JOB INTERVIEW FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT ROLE OF YOUR CAREER: When asked, “How badly do you want to be Prime Minister” don’t give us a soft answer about "Wanting to do a good job for my country". Make us believe that you want this more than anything else – that you were born to do this and that you have the passion, background and drive to make Canada what you know it is destined to become.

2)DON’T GET INTO THE DANCE. STAY POSITIVE: Continuing on the job interview theme….when set up to disparage your opponent, don’t take the bait. Saying, “I don’t take moral advice from [Stephen Harper], thank you very much” is at best a waste of precious air time and at worst, a risk of turning off current supporters. (Remember how good Barack Obama looked when he refused to discuss Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy with the media on the campaign trail?)

Next time, use the set up as an opportunity to show the moral fiber that drives your every decision from fighting to find jobs for the unemployed to ensuring Canadian troops are kept safe.

Keep doing the interviews Mr. Ignatieff. Share your beliefs, humour, background and passion. This is what brings you closer to voters and turns listeners into supporters.

P.S. - love Iggy Tube (and that you are strong enough not to censor the comments)

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