Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Donating...your Facebook status

There is a new type of political donation...and this one doesn't cost anything!

I was recently looking at Michael Ignatieff's Facebook profile and noticed this:

....But we can do more—and you can help. You can donate your Facebook status right now.

Just change your status to:

[Your name] supports Michael Ignatieff because the world needs Canada at its best. Become a supporter at

We can get this country back on track. Let’s get started

This is a great idea:

1) It costs nothing, making it more likely that people will actually do it;

2) It's free word-of-mouth advertising bringing the Ignatieff campaign directly to more targeted like-minded potential supporters; and

3) It demonstrates a key the message to younger voters: I am like you. I know how to play in your sandbox and can speak your language.

Great concept. Curious if it worked.

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