Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Statistics Businesses Should Consider Before they Plan their PR Strategy

Thank you Adam Singer from The Future Buzz for this information. Note: the original post, Architecting a Social Web Marketing and PR Strategy, includes much more information, helpful case studies as well all the sources for the statistics below.

The social areas of the web are growing fast. Consider just a few stats:

- 400 million active Facebook users
- 50 million Tweets per day
- 133 million blogs (creating 900,000 blog posts every 24 hours)
- around 77% of Internet users read blogs

While the above numbers show the scale of the consumer driven web – B2B influence also lives here. According to a Forrester Research report of business buyers:

- 91% read blogs, watch user generated video, participate in other social media
- 55% of decision-makers are in social networks
- 43% are creating media (blogs, uploading videos or articles, etc.)

Consumers and prospects are already here. Marketing dollars care catching up, fast:
- $55 billion - number of dollars marketers will spend on interactive (display, mobile, email, social, search) channels by 2014 - representing a compound annual growth rate of 34%.

Media influence, too:

- 89% of reporters use blogs,
- 65% use social networking sites,
- 52% use microblogging sites according to a national study by GW University.

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