Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Marketing Fundraisers

June seems like its fundraising season with a walk/run/ride each week. Kids with special needs, cancer research, diabetes...they are all good event backed by excellent causes that take the better part of year to plan and execute.

Often this is the one day charities have to gain their media coverage and community support that spreads awareness of their message and gains critical financial support.

But what if it rains that day and the community doesn't come out? What if there is a competing news story and media don't cover the event? Putting all PR eggs into one day's basket is too dangerous.

Find something that gives the community a reason to connect before the event day and media something to cover. This Global TV story and CBC News story are great examples of what the Zareinu Moveathon did to generate awareness of their upcoming events (Full disclosure: We run the marketing for this client).

Most fundraisers rely on a network on volunteers and supporters of the cause. The most successful events turn these important natural ambassadors into fundraisers. This article from NetWitsThinkTank, an online resource for nonprofits, provides great tips on how organizations can best implement this important shift from supporter to fundraiser.

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