Sunday, May 6, 2007

PR is so much more than media relations….

There are so many new and interesting mediums for PR, from e-mail blasts to Facebook profiles, which, from my perspective, make this such an wonderful time to be in the communications field.

One of our clients is the Zareinu Moveathon, an event raising money for a world renowned school and treatment centre for children with special needs.

For their 10th anniversary they have created an event designed to attract the entire family (2km walk, 10km run, 20km bike ride, mechanical and inflatable rides, laser tag, paintball, Spiderman, Princess, food, live entertainment…..). Our job is to help spread the word.

The community will soon see the advertisements and media coverage but here is some behind the scenes work we are really excited about ….

- A new campaign has been introduced that celebrates its 10th anniversary and creates a deeper connection to the cause (see banner at the top of each page on website above) .

- A Moveathon Message Challenge is capturing the attention of young people in schools and youth groups around the city (see Moveathon Message Challenge on website above).

- Targeted email blasts are penetrating large groups from past attendees to Running Room regulars.

- Special Olympics Ontario-Toronto will be running a clinic at the event for children of all abilities attracting not just their athletes but families looking to educate and inspire their own children.

- Most recently a Facebook profile has been created The result so far? 122 people in our group in the first two days!

This has been a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of so many of the new methods companies and organizations have to reach their target audiences. And something our office will be integrating a lot more of ….

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