Monday, May 28, 2007

Press releases are no longer the only way to get your word out

Media/press releases are no longer the only way to get your word out.

Here are some options to think about:

Media advisory: A shorter form of a press release. Used mostly for announcements (new hires, events, etc.).

Pitch letter/proposal: Correspondence with media explaining/selling the merits of a certain idea and why they should cover the story

Background meetings: Lunch or coffee with media can be used to educate them on certain ideas and plant seeds for new story ideas. They also allow media to get to know you. Hopefully then, when they do cover a story about your industry they will think of you.

Social networks: Social networks (i.e. Facebook) are huge. Create an official organization and business profile and see how fast your group of “friends” will grow. Jump into online conversations (but remember never to hide your true identity).

You Tube: A great way to repurpose videos or present a slide show on an emerging issue. More and more people are watching, rather than reading, the net.

Blogging: This has become so mainstream that even professionals services are finding this a great tool to establish creditability and forward important discussion.

So next time you want to get the word out on your company, organization or issue think of all the options available ….my perspective is that a combination of ways work best.

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