Monday, July 23, 2007

Scotiabank sets example with online strategy

Having a specialty in PR for the financial service industry I am always intrigued by creative ways to gain added exposure.

Scotiabank’s online strategy is setting a wonderful precedent in this area. The Money Clip podcast offers everyday practical financial advice. You can listen to it online, download it to an MP3 or print a transcript. It is a wonderful compliment to the Bank’s brand and is naturally integrated into their website. Once you listen, you are more than likely to browse the rest of the site…I know I do.

Also of note is a contest Scotiabank is using to build on its online strategy found at,,CID7895_LIDen,00.html

The contest is giving away $1,000 every month until December 31, 2007. Less original from my perspective but at least it drives traffic back to its online strategy.

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