Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You Tube is serious PR:

I was recently pitching our services to a new company and trying to explain the merits of integrating a social media campaign into their marketing/PR plan.

Using You Tube as the most mainstream example, I found this potential client was skeptical of this strategy, putting us (politely) on the defensive – not good at anytime, especially when making a first impression! The feeling was that this was not mainstream (only for the young) and not for serious businesses.

Next time I face this uncertainty, this will be my response on how serious players are using You Tube and the various ways it can be applied as a communications tool:


Fresh Burst Surprise: What would you like to do for a second time? A brilliant, thought- provoking and funny campaign set up to generate public discussion. It also includes an incentive (free T-shirt) to visit their website. Click here.

Heinz challenge for best commercial: The public votes on the best amateur commercial. Reward includes a significant amount of money and air time. Instructions are easy to follow and the rules are clearly defined. Click here.


YouChoose ’08 – Face the Candidates on You Tube gives you all you need on how to vote. Here are two examples:

Barack Obama TV on You Tube: Shows recent speeches and other videos of himself with a link to his own website. Click here.

Senator Chris Dodd: Uses this as another method to air election ads. He also runs a Q&A session before one of the debates, an interesting strategy. He sets the tone and builds image by showing supporters cheering, etc. Click here.


CBS uses You Tube to promote its baseball coverage. Click here.

Apple uses this forum to advertise its Apple iPhone. Click here.

How To:

The ‘how to’ category can be applied to so many businesses and services today. It is also an easy way to create a video. Some that I liked are:

How to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Click here.

How to get You Tube Subscribers….And please note the correct lingo here: A channel = what you run on You Tube; Vloggers/Vlog = those who use this medium of communication/what is produced (not to be confused with bloggers/blog); Subscribers = people who regularly tune in (the idea is to get as many subscribers as possible!).
Click ">here.

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