Monday, November 17, 2008

The New Fireside Chats

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican supporter, as marketers we will all study President-elect Barack Obama’s campaign for years to come. His use of the Internet, social networking sites, Twitter, iPhone applications and text messaging to get the vote out transformed the way elections will need to be run in the future.

In another first, on Saturday Barack Obama made his first official broadcast on YouTube. This signals a major turn in YouTube’s evolution, moving into mainstream marketing strategies. Obama plans to continue weekly video addresses in conjunction to traditional weekly radio messages.

The first broadcast focused heavily on the current global financial crisis and has already been viewed by almost 700,000 people. It was also filmed in traditional YouTube style – no fancy editing. Just a guy talking. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Barack O'Holic.

Wendy Kauffman said...

Guilty as charged