Monday, December 1, 2008

Using Contests to Increase Clicks

Fern Stancer: You are my contest saviour!

Thinking up an idea for a contest to draw traffic to a website is easy. Ensuring it runs smoothly and is strategic from a viral marketing perspective is something else.

This is what Fern taught me:

- Look for every opportunity you can to promote your message within the contest.

- Get used to the word “flow”. Make sure the participant’s experience is easy and makes good strategic sense.

- Look for ways to get additional information about your target market, such as a survey, as part of the entry process.

- Make sure all rules and prizing information is drafted by a dedicated contest lawyer (you wouldn’t go to an eye doctor for your heart would you?).

- Identify ways to increase the viral nature of the contest – what built-in mechanism will there be to ensure participants tell everyone they know about this?

- Leave A LOT of days for testing. Make sure it works. Then try to break the system.

Thanks Fern! Check out to see our contest. Fern can answer your contest questions at

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