Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marketing Through Events

I was at a great fundraiser last week put on by the Credit Valley Hospital Foundation's Young Ambassadors. At this hip event in an art gallery in Mississauga, guests were invited to an all you can eat, drink and dance party.

I could go on about all the wonderful components of this truly great event, but as a marketer the Barefoot Wine table caught my eye. Staffed by two energetic young people I was introduced to a great Pinot Grigio (there were many other wines but this was my choice)that sells in the LCBO for only $10 and a great new marketing concept!

They explained that Barefoot Wine spends its money on making their wine rather than its marketing. Thus the tagline, Great wine without the attitude. Their foremost way of getting the word out about their products is through charity events were people can come and taste their wine.

I tried to find a Canadian website and only found a sparse Facebook group and an U.S. website that is designed as a community with an emphasis on people committed to beach clean up.

I wish them luck with their grassroots marketing initiative and look forward to seeing them at more charity events.

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