Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Marketing Takes Investment: Not even flash mobs happen in a flash

A unique thank you to customers increased Alphabet Photography's website hits by 800%from the year before and broke YouTube records. Looks like customers said a big 'your welcome' to their food court stunt designed to spread holiday cheer this past November.

Warning to businesses reading this who would like to try this themselves:

Nothing comes without work, effort, resources and time: This seemingly effortless and random stunt, in fact took eight weeks of preparation according to reports. Planting the organist, choir rehearsals, and meeting with mall management regularly.

A common assumption is that once something is on YouTube it automatically goes viral. Social media campaigns must be pushed out with the same effort as traditional marketing campaigns. This campaign started by sending their video out to their email database as well as their large Facebook group. Then, media started picking up the story. Without these push elements, there would not have been the same success.

Congratulations Alphabet Photography and thanks for also spreading new Marketing Cheer.

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