Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alex and Luke - A social media road trip

I love this idea:

Alex and Luke set out from Toronto to see what would happen if they used the power of social media to explore North America.

Without a route or any predetermined idea of what they will see or do, they call on the communities behind the most popular social media websites to tell them where to go and what to see.

Their goal is to travel through every state, province and territory while documenting and sharing the experience through web videos and other Internet content available on their website.

They explore the gap between real-time relationships and online relationships. It is a true modern day road trip that collects and shares the travel experience with others.

To connect with online communities, regular polls are held on their home page. People connect in the following ways:

- Twitter: Where people vote and make suggestions (1,304 followers at my last visit);
- YouTube: Where people can vote and watch videos (2,241 channel views at my last visit);
- Gowalla: Where people can check in on destinations visited (383 stamps, 21 pins, 85 friends at my last visit); and
- Facebook Fan Page: Where people can interact with Alex and Luke and other followers (1,782 fans at my last visit).

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