Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Facebook is good politics

Full credit to Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has embraced web 2.0 - well, almost - with his Facebook profile.

The best part of the profile is his inclusion of three fabulous videos that show a less formal and personable individual. I also like the top of his profile that lists him as Stephen Harper, Member of Parliament rather than Prime Minister - this too goes a long way to bringing him to a level that voters can relate to.

He's so close to connecting with me and you when ....his communications department seem to have bust open the door. The language falls back into:
Mr. Harper has spent his political career standing up and speaking out for Canadians who work hard, pay their taxes and play by the rules....

Could one of his 7,623 supporters at the time of this writing help him with the social part of this social media tool? And, after you fix the language, how about suggesting he take a question a week from his Facebook supporters, or start a discussion topic 'Insights From 24 Sussex'?

At least there is room for a comment after each video...this one is my favourite:

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