Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How would you sell underwear?

If you were asked to help boost underwear sales to the masses what would you do? Traditional marketing avenues come to mind - advertising, celebrity endorsement, product placement.... all ideas that are one step removed from the customers we are trying to reach.

Jockey went right to its customer-base with its Underwars dance campaign. A micro site hosts a video competition where individuals shimmy and shake in their favourite Jockey underwear to a list of pre-approved songs for a chance to win $5,000 (and some serious bragging rights).

It's a good example of a campaign well planned. Good design, a defined period of time, easy-to-execute, clear rules, appealingly racy but not in poor taste. Oh, and then there is the ability to 'get the right gear' and buy merchandise online. Did you know Jockey makes women's briefs that are.... it appears this campaign works in getting consumers to click onto their website and peruse their wares!

I'd be very interested to see a follow-up on this project and whether sales were actually increased. For now, an absolutely noteworthy effort and example of the potential of social media.

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